Number of biogas facilities growing in Missouri


Number of biogas facilities growing in Missouri

A project director with University of Missouri’s Economic and Management of Agrobiotechnology Center (EMAC) says biogas production is growing in Missouri.

James Kaufman said Missouri could produce 200 thousand to 628 thousand tons of biomethane per year. He said this is equal to eight to 25 percent of the state’s residential consumption of natural gas and he says there is room to grow.

“It could come from food waste or wastewater treatment facilities or municipal solid waste, but really, the largest, untapped growth potential is growth potential,” Kaufman said.

He said since manure presents challenges like being difficult to transport, biogas facilities are best suited to operate in conjunction with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

“Fortunately, Missouri has quite a number of CAFOs and quite a number of co-located CAFOs,” he said. “So, there should be ample opportunity for some additional biogas facilities.”

While Kaufman said biogas might not be cost effective now, it will be feasible in the future. The green energy company Green Energy Sustainable Solutions has five biofuel facilities, three in Audrain County, one in Sheraton County and one in Miller County.

Kaufman spoke on an Engaging for Missouri zoom call Wednesday.