New Orleans ports escape damage–once again


New Orleans ports escape damage–once again

Photo credit: U.S. Grains Council

The head of the Soy Transportation Coalition, Mike Steenhoek, says the ports of New Orleans are resuming normal operations after Hurricane Delta skirted off to the west on Friday.

“The concentration of export facilities along the Lower Mississippi River really appeared to escape any kind of substantial damage,” Steenhoek says. “So, from an ag logistics perspective, it looks like things are back to resuming operations—which is a very good thing.”

Steenhoek says with large Chinese purchases, the industry can’t afford to have any major shipping disruptions.

“I think, right now, we’re pretty well-positioned. The big variable, of course, is weather—but as far as the actual infrastructure itself, we’re seeing it perform quite well.”

AUDIO: Mike Steenhoek