Farmer works to move the needle on climate change


Farmer works to move the needle on climate change

As climate change concerns cover news headlines, more questions are being asked about how the agriculture industry can make a difference.  

Central Illinois farmer Elliot Uphoff tells Brownfield he is looking into practices that improve both the environment and profitability of his farm.

“This year I am doing my first trial with cover crops. I am going to put cereal rye out and try to no-till beans into it next year which will make for less tractors in the field, less fuel being burnt and maybe less chemicals being used for weed control.”

Uphoff says renewable fuels are another hot topic around climate change.

“Something I think is environmentally friendly is biodiesel and hopefully that is seen by our politicians as a way they can help do a better job of cleaning the air.”

Uphoff says he is willing to implement practices that help move the needle towards a healthier environment if they make sense for his operation.

Uphoff is the District 10 Director for the Illinois Soybean Association.