Farmer looks ahead at next farm bill


Farmer looks ahead at next farm bill

A northwest Illinois farmer is looking ahead at the next farm bill.

Randy DeSutter is Vice President of the Illinois Corn Growers Association and serves on the Research Board for the National Corn Growers Association. He says they have started to think about priorities for the next farm bill during their meetings.

“Automatic data integration for agriculture is something I think is needed not only for farmers but also researchers. Another thing we are looking at is tar spot, that is a new disease, and weed resistance.”

He says recent events like the trade war and derecho have emphasized the importance of a farm safety net.

“We need trade, we need money for the foreign ag service and things like that to promote our products, and also crop insurance is kind of the core of one of our programs that protect farmers year in and year out when they do have a disaster.”

Brownfield interviewed DeSutter during a visit to his farm Friday.

Comments from an interview with Randy DeSutter