Outgoing Missouri Corn CEO says #1 goal is exports


Outgoing Missouri Corn CEO says #1 goal is exports

The outgoing CEO of the Missouri Corn Growers Association says the organization has its eyes on 2021 with trade at the top of the list.

Gary Marshall will remain the CEO of Missouri Corn through Commodity Classic and retire in the spring, “We really think the best opportunity to grind more corn right now is in the international market. Whether we’re talking about bulk corn or whether you’re talking about bulk corn or value-added corn products like ethanol and distillers grains.”

Marshall says exports are the number one goal for next year, “Hopefully, after we get rid of the COVID virus, let’s hope we find a cure for it and we find a prevention for it and as we do we know people are going to want to eat more protein. And, as they do that, that means more livestock which hopefully means more corn.”

Marshall sees tremendous opportunities for ethanol exports as other countries seek to improve their air quality and reduce their reliance on foreign oil.

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