Farmer optimistic about future of dicamba


Farmer optimistic about future of dicamba

Rob and Steph Elliott

The fate of dicamba re-registration is in the hands of the EPA, but a northwest Illinois farmer is optimistic about the future of dicamba products.

As Rob Elliot battles waterhemp on his farm, he tells Brownfield dicamba is…“The first thing we could really say we could us effectively to control that thing and have clean fields to harvest.”

He says while they have had some drift issues in the past, he believes the industry is more aware of how the products work.

“I think growers for the most part are learning the ins and outs of how to do a better job and use it more appropriately without that off-target aspect coming into play.”

Elliot says the EPA is considering re-registration of the product this month.

“Honestly I think they will take a look at requirements that make it continually safer to use and I think we will get re-registration to happen.”

Elliot is a member of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board and farms in Cameron, Illinois.

Comments from an interview with Rob Elliott