NE harvest pretty good despite dry weather issues


NE harvest pretty good despite dry weather issues

Weather concerns are part of the Nebraska crop picture. Bill McClure, a Corteva product manager in southeast Nebraska (York) says weather has had a negative effect on corn.

“Some pretty significant wind damage that had come through parts of this area created some concerns with injury to fields from brittle snap. The disease pressure we had out this year was significant in a lot of areas, a lot of fungicide’s used.”

He says there was a lot of southern rust and gray leaf spot. And, the lack of rain has not helped crops.

“The drought and droughtiness of products is starting to show up a little bit. But, by and large, the harvest is going pretty well for this part anyway. I think most growers are seeing better yields than they had maybe hoped they would run into. So, we’re up and running.”

McClure gave a presentation on a Corteva virtual media event this week.