Farmer sees plant health boost from fungicides


Farmer sees plant health boost from fungicides

Satellite image of Uphoff’s corn field.
The green square is where fungicide was sprayed.

A central Illinois farmer says fungicides have played a major role in plant health for his corn and soybeans this year.

Elliot Uphoff who farms near Shelbyville tells Brownfield they experimented by drone spraying a 5-acre section of a replanted corn field.

“The southern rust in it was impressive. I walked out of the field orange and the spot where we sprayed with the drone you could see to the line the difference in plant health.”

He says he does not see diseases as prominently in soybeans, but he can tell fungicides are making a difference.

“I would say fungicides are going to make at least a six to ten bushel per acre difference on our beans and we are pretty happy that we put it on almost all of our acres this year.”

Uphoff is the District 10 Director for the Illinois Soybean Association. He expects to finish harvest by the end of the month.

Comments from an interview with Elliot Uphoff