CFAP1 payments total $10.2 billion


CFAP1 payments total $10.2 billion

Payouts under the first Coronavirus Food Assistance Program–CFAP1—totaled ten-point-two billion dollars as of October 4th, according to the Farm Service Agency (FSA).

Nearly half of that amount has gone to livestock producers, with cattle producers receiving more than four-point-three billion dollars and hog producers receiving about 600 million.

Corn growers have received nearly one-point-eight billion dollars with soybean growers receiving 509 million.

Iowa continues to lead all states with nearly 969 million dollars received, followed by Nebraska at 715 million. California has moved up to the third post at 662 million followed by Texas (at 630 million), Minnesota (at 609 million) and Wisconsin (at 523 million).

USDA has reportedly begun distributing payments under CFAP2 but has not yet made any payment data available on CFAP2.

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