Dry fall welcome after back-back-wet harvests


Dry fall welcome after back-back-wet harvests

Rusty Olson is one of many farmers appreciative of a dry harvest after back-to-back wet years.

The north-central Iowa corn and soybean grower started combining the last week of September.

“That mud was so hard on equipment. A lot of farmers talk to their lender, and everybody has had so many breakdown expenses (and) repair bills the last few years. And it’s just because we’ve been pushing through some horrible cropping conditions and harvest conditions.”

He tells Brownfield the mindset is completely different going into a quarter section knowing there won’t be wet spots he’ll have to leave for later.

“Not having to work around mud or drive a combine through standing water, things that we’ve dealt with that we learned we could do that we shouldn’t even know we could do. So (this year) is a blessing.”

For financial and emotional reasons, Olson says farmers needed a good year after the challenges of 2018 and 2019.