August cheese production down on year, butter up


August cheese production down on year, butter up

The USDA says cheese production during August 2020 was 1.09 billion pounds, down 2.1% from August 2019.

That included a 3.9% year to year decrease in Italian type cheese to 448.507 million pounds and a 1.3% decline for American types at 446.048 million, with production levels for both Italian and American cheeses also down on the month.

Butter production was up 7.8% on the year at 152.331 million pounds.

Nonfat dry milk for human consumption was reported at 144.162 million pounds, 8.8% higher, with skim milk powder at 59.581 million pounds, 2% lower.

Dry whey totaled 80.343 million pounds, 5.4% less than last year, lactose for human and animal consumption was pegged at 97.231 million pounds, 2.3% more, and whey protein concentrate totaled 39.216 million pounds, down 1.7%.

September milk production numbers are out on the 20th.