Soybean harvest starts strong for Illinois farmer


Soybean harvest starts strong for Illinois farmer

Third generation farmer Bret Vandeveer of Salem, Illinois says with prices and yields up, he can’t complain about harvest so far this year.

Brownfield’s Rhiannon Branch joined him in the combine Thursday for his second day of soybean harvest.

“This is probably one of the better fields we have been in. Moisture is running down there well below average with a few green stems still. The yields on this field are running anywhere from 55-60 and we started out in the 40’s so it keeps getting better.”

He says they got about half of their 2500 acres of corn harvested last week before starting on beans.

“It kind of surprised us, it was down in between 18-20% on moisture and the yields were really good on our early corn that we planted in April, I would say upper 200’s.”

He says they could use some rain in the area but with harvest going strong he is saving his rain dance for later.

Combine interview with Bret Vandeveer