Report documents importance of agriculture to Nebraska’s economy


Report documents importance of agriculture to Nebraska’s economy

Photo credit: UNL-IANR

A new report by University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers documents the importance of agriculture to the state’s economy.

The report shows the state’s ag production complex accounts for nearly 34 percent of business sales, 22 percent of the gross state product and nearly a quarter of the state’s jobs.

Those percentages are down slightly from the last benchmark study in 2012 because of a downturn in the ag economy and the growth of other industries. But University of Nebraska ag economist Brad Lubben says they are still among the highest in the nation.

“National economic data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis would find Nebraska ranked third of any state in terms of the significance of, or the share of the economy, related to agriculture,” Lubben says.

Nebraska Farm Bureau said the report illustrates the need for Nebraskans to continue to work together to support the state’s largest single industry.

“The work of our farm and ranch families continue to serve as seeds that subsequently help sprout into jobs in the areas of food processing, ag-based manufacturing, biotechnology, and transportation,” Farm Bureau said.

AUDIO: Excerpt of Brad Lubben’s comments during UNL webinar