MO farmer pleased with yields early into harvest


MO farmer pleased with yields early into harvest

A northwest Missouri farmer who started harvest this week is pleased with early results. Richard Oswald of Atchison County tells Brownfield he’s expecting over 200 bushels an acre for corn and has reached nearly 400 bushels in some areas.

“It was just kind of crazy because, you’d be picking along and it’d be in that 200 [bushel] range and then all of a sudden it would just start raising and he (Oswald’s son) could hear the machine start to labor,” Oswald said.

He said the spikes in production might be because of increased silt in the soil left by last year’s flooding.

Oswald said with recent strength coming to the market, he’s expecting a decent profit in corn and soybeans.

“I’m optimistic that our better fields of soybeans are going to bring us in in excess of $500 an acre I think,” he said. “And, it looks like given corn prices, we should be able to get $700 dollars an acre and up for our corn which will help.”

But he said for farmers to invest in new technology and new machinery, soybeans need to reach $12 and corn around $5. Oswald expects to start soybeans harvest late next week.

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