Agronomist sees promising Wisconsin yields


Agronomist sees promising Wisconsin yields

Unlike most years, many southern Wisconsin farmers are getting an early start on the soybean harvest.  Dairyland Seed Agronomist Brandon Furseth tells Brownfield so far, both soybean and corn yields look promising. “Guys are generally pleased with the soybean harvest that is getting started. I think yield checks in corn are looking very favorable.”

Furseth says the August drought conditions did bring an early dry down. “We maybe lost a little test weight in the grain density on corn, and maybe a little bit on the seed size in soybeans, but overall I don’t think we have a whole lot to complain about in 2020.”

Furseth says disease and pest pressure was fairly low, and the weather did cause many varieties of corn and soybeans to mature at about the same time, putting some harvest pressure on growers.

Furseth also says harvest time is when he can learn about new products compared to established products on things like disease tolerance and drought tolerance, and he is spending a lot of time touring fields and talking to farmers.

Dairyland Seed’s Brandon Furseth discusses harvest and crop observations with Brownfield’s Larry Lee 9-29-2020