Soybean harvest ahead of schedule near WI-IL line


Soybean harvest ahead of schedule near WI-IL line

An agronomist says the soybean harvest is ahead of schedule around the Wisconsin-Illinois border. 

William Wynn with Pioneer says, “We had a lot of our soybean crop planted before May 1st down here in the southern part of the state. Early yield indications showed that has paid off, especially down here towards the state line.”

Wynn tells Brownfield many farmers were concerned about yield loss during August when soybeans were filling pods, but his area did get some timely rains at the end of the month. “We’re seeing some of those yields come back relatively well with a lot of those field averages being above sixty-five and upwards of eighty at the top.”

Wynn says most of the soybeans being harvested right now are the early-maturity varieties, and he says many southern Wisconsin farmers are harvesting beans ahead of corn because of the successful early planting.

And, Wynn says there have been problems with some varieties. “The top four nodes, those bean pods were splitting open slightly. It just kind of dependent on the management practices, and sometimes it was varietal-driven.”

Wynn says he has been pushing farmers to get going on harvesting if the beans are there to minimize field losses because 80% of the field losses happen before they get to the combine, especially if pods are splitting.