Electric vehicles–threat or opportunity for ethanol?


Electric vehicles–threat or opportunity for ethanol?

The CEO of the American Coalition for Ethanol, Brian Jennings, says instead of fighting with those who are advocating for electric vehicles, the ethanol industry should look at how to work with them.

“I think through a low-carbon lens, or by future policy that might be adopted that focuses on greenhouse gas emissions, those that are advocating for electric vehicles could very well be a political ally of the ethanol industry,” Jennings says.

“As more and more states look to do what California has done, and as Congress eventually looks to tackle climate change, I think it’s really important for those of us in agriculture and the ethanol industry not to sort of fall back into our traditional fault lines and think, ‘oh, we’ve go to do battle with those that want electric vehicles,’” he says. “Frankly, I think the winning votes are going to be on the side of those are smart enough to figure out that we should build alliances with those that would like to see electric vehicles.

“That’s a tough dialogue to have with a lot of people in agriculture and the ethanol industry.  But we’re trying to have that dialogue right now because that discussion is literally going to be taking place in the next months and years.”

AUDIO: Brian Jennings