Dry start to dry bean harvest, COVID boosting demand


Dry start to dry bean harvest, COVID boosting demand

The coronavirus pandemic has been helpful to dry bean markets.

Executive director of the Michigan Bean Commission Joe Cramer tells Brownfield beans were jumping off grocery shelves in March and increased demand led to more acres planted in the spring.

“A lot of people found beans and found a lot of different uses for beans.  We are optimistic that we’re going to see some increased consumption and hoping that’s a real positive for our industry so we can continue to support an increase in acreage.”

He says dry weather during July limited pod fill and has held back yields which is causing some issues in early harvested fields.

“Beans get pretty brittle as they get dry so not only are some growers losing some yield just based on moisture but I think processors will potentially have their hands full with the combination of low moisture beans and cold weather.”

Cramer says he expects growers to cross the halfway mark of harvest this week.