Sixty-two ag groups urge continued WTO membership


Sixty-two ag groups urge continued WTO membership

More than 60 ag groups are urging the U.S. Trade Representative to keep the U.S. in the World Trade Organization while seeking reforms.

Julie Anna Potts, CEO of the North American Meat Institute, says the U.S. meat and poultry industry depends on strong, enforceable trade agreements. Bill Westman, senior vice president international affairs, says it’s important for the Institute and tits members who are involved in exporting and importing products to make sure they’re participating in international bodies such as the WTO, “Which will assist in establishing science based rules for trade, making sure that countries are adhering to standards in using that sort of baseline for trade negotiations.”

The coalition’s letter to Trade Representative Lighthizer says with more than 20-percent of overall ag production in the U.S. destined for foreign markets, U.S. agriculture is heavily dependent on exports. They say WTO rules and work are critical to future export growth.

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