Wisconsin’s COVID aid to farmers paid out


Wisconsin’s COVID aid to farmers paid out

The last of the 50-million dollars in direct coronavirus relief for Wisconsin farmers have been sent.   The Farm Support Program used money from the state’s share of federal CARES Act funding and was sent to farmers in two rounds.  Forty-one-point-six million dollars was distributed to nearly 12-thousand farmers in July, and more than 33-hundred more farmers received a total of $8.4 million in the second round this week.

The qualification income levels in round one required a gross farm income between $35,000 and five million dollars.  In round two, the threshold was lowered to $10,000 while keeping the five-million-dollar maximum income.

State Ag Secretary-designee Randy Romanski says while this funding won’t make anyone whole, the department and administration hopes it will provide some relief. 

Governor Tony Evers set aside the 50-million-dollars at the request of numerous Wisconsin farm organizations.