Strengthening food security for national security


Strengthening food security for national security

Food security is a national security issue and must be treated as such, according to the US Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture in Rome.

Kip Tom, a seventh generation Indiana farmer, says he has seen how food policies impact the most vulnerable people and global trade.

To end hunger and truly create lasting peace and stability, we must make available all tools for improving agriculture and food systems,” he says.

He says bold innovation will be needed to meet food and national security issues.

“We must work together to expand data-backed, scientific-proven options and opportunities to empower and assist farmers, communities, and countries and include the adoption of innovation and technologies,” he says.

Tom says to create stability across the globe, we must promote more efficient and sustainable food production, reduce our carbon footprint, and increase environmental stewardship.

He made these comments today during the Agri-Pulse Ag and Food Policy Summit.