Michigan’s harvest could end early


Michigan’s harvest could end early

An agronomist says hot and dry conditions this season could mean an early end to harvest in Michigan and more time for field maintenance.

Syngenta’s Rachel Broadbent tells Brownfield there were a few intense periods of insect pressure during the hottest weeks of summer, especially with spider mites, but soybeans have still set an abundant number of pods.

“And, over the last few weeks getting these additional rains—it’s going to help fill those pods so I’m hoping to see some really strong soybean yields.”

But she expects corn to be more challenged.

“The dry weather is going to impact yields just from a lack of moisture standpoint, the insect intensity that we experienced—that’s going to have its own impact on yields.

Broadbent says with season seeming to run ahead of average, weed control needs to be a priority after harvest to help fields get ahead of 2021.