Missouri farmer expecting strong soybean crop


Missouri farmer expecting strong soybean crop

An east-central Missouri farmer says recent cool, wet weather has slowed down his corn crop. Mark Stevens tells Brownfield his corn isn’t ready for harvest just yet…

“We think we’re another week to 10 days from shelling to get it down to, say, 18 percent,” he said.

Stevens said corn planted between April 18th and 20th didn’t pollinate well, hurting his expected corn yield.

The Montgomery County farmer says crop conditions in his area have looked hit or miss and while his corn is looking to be around average, he’s hoping for a second consecutive year with a strong soybean crop.

“I think they’re [soybeans] going to be really good and I think they’ll be as good as last year,” Stevens said. “We had 60 to 80-bushel beans last year.”

Stevens says he farms no-till which helped hold moisture during dry stretches this growing season.

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