Exceptional pumpkin harvest underway for Frey Farms


Exceptional pumpkin harvest underway for Frey Farms

Pumpkin harvest is well underway for the largest pumpkin grower in the country.

Overlooking a full warehouse, Frey Farms Chief Operations Officer Tony Phillips tells Brownfield it has been a good year for pumpkins.

“The harvest is going exceptional. It was a little early at some locations, but the yields are looking really good across the board. So, we are excited about the season so far.”

Phillips says they grow around 3500 acres of pumpkins in the Midwest.

“Here in Illinois are about 2,000 of those acres. In Indiana we have anywhere from 500-800 acres and then in Missouri we have anywhere from 500-700 acres.”

Frey Farms is a first-generation farm that began in 1995 based in Keenes, Illinois.

Comments from an interview with Tony Phillips