Rain and frost impact Minnesota’s crops


Rain and frost impact Minnesota’s crops

Rain and frost affected Minnesota crops last week.  USDA reporters say crop maturity was slowed in the southern part of the state, while most parts of Minnesota had a heavy frost.

Ninety-five percent of Minnesota’s corn is dented, about two weeks ahead of average.  Forty-five percent of the corn is mature with the condition dropping to 76% listed good to excellent.  The corn silage harvest is 66% finished.

Eighty-five percent of the state’s soybeans are turning color with 41% dropping leaves.  That’s about 3 days ahead of average.  Seventy-seven percent of Minnesota’s soybeans are rated good to excellent. 

The spring wheat harvest is 97% finished.  Eighty-five percent of the dry beans are dropping leaves, and 20% of the harvest is in.  Sunflowers are at their best condition of the year with 82% in the good to excellent category.