Illinois farmer kicks off corn harvest


Illinois farmer kicks off corn harvest

View from the cab of Cates’ combine

Corn harvest is underway for a southwest Illinois farmer.

Daryl Cates farms near Columbia in the Mississippi River bottoms. From his combine, he tells Brownfield they started harvest last Tuesday.

“Mine was planted between April 2nd and the 27th. The moisture of the corn has been running anywhere from 18.5% to 24%.”

Spring flooding prevented him from planting about 100 acres, but he is more confident in this crop compared to 2019.

“Well, I only got 200 acres of corn planted last year because of the flooding and this year we pretty well have our normal amount.”

As for beans, Cates says they really need some late season rain.

“The last three weeks we have not really had any rain at all so bean yields, especially the double crops, I expect will be off some.”

Based on the dry weather forecast, Cates predicts he will be done with corn harvest before starting on beans in early October.

Cates serves on the American Soybean Association Board of Directors.

Interview with Daryl Cates