Harvest underway for Indiana farmer


Harvest underway for Indiana farmer

Harvest is underway for Southwestern Indiana farmer Mark Seib after nearly ideal growing conditions.

“We have been getting timely rain and sunshine,” he says. “Soybeans are looking good and have started to make their turn. Corn is drying down and for the first time in several years the corn is going through the drying process like it’s supposed to.”

He tells brownfield he is harvesting both corn and soybeans right now.

“We haven’t finished enough soybeans to know what kind of yield we have but we have finished a couple of fields of corn and we’ve been extremely pleased with the yield we got off of those,” he says.

Seib grows corn and soybeans in Posey County and says he’s hopeful they’ll wrap up corn harvest by the first week of October and finish soybeans by mid- to late-October.

Audio: Mark Seib