Crop conditions improving with rain


Crop conditions improving with rain

Rains have continued to alleviate Michigan’s dry conditions.  The U.S. Drought Monitor has decreased abnormally dry condition ratings by 14 percent to 20 percent.

The USDA says 92 percent of corn is in the dough stage, 63 percent is dented, nine percent is mature, and condition improved three points to 53 percent good to excellent.  Soybeans are 19 percent dropping leaves, and condition improved a point to 61 percent good to excellent.

As of Sunday, 42 percent of dry beans and 53 percent of sugarbeets were in good to excellent condition.  Barley is now 84 percent harvested, while corn silage is at 33 percent, and sugarbeets are five percent finished.

Recent dry weather caused peaches to drop prematurely in the southwest region.  Harvest continues for apples and potatoes while blueberries are nearly complete.