US soy export leaders on top trade ask if Biden wins


US soy export leaders on top trade ask if Biden wins

Two U.S. soybean export leaders have prioritized and shared their trade concerns leading up to the presidential election.

North Dakota farmer Monte Peterson told Brownfield Ag News what he believes soybean growers’ top trade request would be of a new administration, if there is one after the November election, “If you talk to the vast majority of U.S. producers across the country, you know, they’re still not in favor of tariffs. I’m sure that’s continued a point that will be brought across to a different administration if we have one.” Peterson is chair of the USSEC board and a director of the American Soybean Association.

Curt Petrich, chairman of the Specialty Soya and Grain Alliance, says they would want a different approach than the Trump administration’s trade approach, “To make sure that we respect our trade partners and the long-term efforts that the U.S. soy industry has put into establishing those and so if there needs to be changes they’re done maybe in a gentler fashion, if you will.”

Petrich also says they want market access barriers removed so that U.S. soy and specialty soy products are on more of an even playing field.

Peterson and Petrich talked with reporters in late August about U.S. soy’s resiliency and international trade.