La Nina holds back Brazilian planters


La Nina holds back Brazilian planters

A meteorologist says a mild La Nina event is causing delays for Brazilian farmers.  Eric Snodgrass with Nutrien Ag Solutions tells Brownfield it’s normally very dry over the Brazilian winters and farmers are anxious to plant now, but most cannot roll the planters yet. He says, “They have to wait on the monsoon to come back before they plant the first crop of soybeans or any full-season corn

Snodgrass says the La Nina is holding weather patterns, preventing a pre-plant soaking in Brazil. “Through the month of September, that La Nina is really working hard on keeping a big section of central Brazil drier than normal, so that means they’re not going to go aggressively planting their crop.”

Snodgrass says that same La Nina might bring U.S. farmers a silver lining with a warmer weather pattern to help crops in late September after the current cooldown.