Simons recognized by Michigan Milk


Simons recognized by Michigan Milk

A third-generation dairy farmer says they’re excited at this point to still be in business.

“Right now we’re just very happy to still be in the dairy industry and have so much respect for all other dairy farmers and crop farmers because it’s a really hard business.”

Emily Simon and her husband Brent took over ownership their dairy farm six years ago and while they’ve expanded some, low milk prices for several years have put a lot of their plans on hold.

“We’ve along the way had to not replace employees in the way we normally would.  We were also hoping to build a new parlor by now which had to be postponed, equipment has had to be postponed, but we’re making the best of what we have.”

The farm currently milks more than 900 cows and Emily says its location provides a unique opportunity to interact with the community.

“Our farm is located across from our local high school so I’m excited for our kids to be there in the future and share with their friends, the faculty, and the community what we do.”

The couple has been named Michigan Milk Producers Association’s 2020 Outstanding Young Dairy Cooperators.