NCGA: fall is a great time to establish pollinator habitats


NCGA: fall is a great time to establish pollinator habitats

Fall is a great time for farmers to establish a pollinator habitat.

Nicole Hasheider, director of biotechnology and crop inputs with the National Corn Growers Association, says NCGA is encouraging members to establish pollinator habitats.

“Corn acres cover a lot of the Midwest and that’s a primary migration routes for monarchs, honeybees, and other pollinators as well,” she says. “And so, we just want to make sure we are being good neighbors and showing that we care about the broader health of the ecosystem.”

She tells Brownfield fall offers farmers a post-harvest planting window before things freeze and the planted seeds will not germinate until the following spring. Tips she has for growers is…

“Really making sure you have your ground prepped well and by that I mean you don’t want to have them trying to compete for sunlight and nutrients,” she says. “Once you feel like you have a good seed bed prepared then it’s pretty easy to spread the seed- you can either broadcast it or you can drill it in at a really shallow depth to give it a chance to grow.”

Hasheider says NCGA is partnering with several organizations that are supporting pollinator health. She says growers can sign-up to participate in a pollinator program by the Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund.  

Audio: Nicole Hasheider