Cheese, butter production up in July


Cheese, butter production up in July

1.107 billion pounds of cheese was produced in the U.S. during July 2020, 1.8% above July 2019.

The USDA says Italian type cheese production was 1.5% lower at 457.055 million pounds, but American types jumped 4% to 451.739 million, including a 5% increase for cheddar at 321.217 million pounds.

Butter production was up 0.7% on the year at 151.799 million pounds.

Nonfat dry milk for human consumption was pegged at 163.446 million pounds, 5.2% lower, with skim milk powder at 51.22 million pounds, 9.7% higher.

Dry whey production totaled 84.548 million pounds, an increase of 2%, lactose for human and animal consumption came out at 99.629 million pounds, a decrease of 6.9%, and whey protein concentrate totaled 38.966 million pounds, a decline of 2.1%.

The USDA’s cold storage numbers for July are out on the 22nd.