BASF product pipeline looking ahead at weed resistance


BASF product pipeline looking ahead at weed resistance

Greg Stapleton gives a tour of BASF research plots at Murray State University.

Finding solutions to herbicide resistance is a top priority for BASF researchers.

The re-registration of BASF’s dicamba product Engenia is in the hands of the EPA, but if it is approved, Technical Service Rep Greg Stapleton says the next product in their pipeline Engenia Prime takes the technology to the next level.  

“It will be able to be used pre-plant, pre and post-emerge in Extend soybeans and it just give you a lot more residual and enhances post-emerge weed control.”

Stapleton says if dicamba restrictions do get tighter, they have other products coming in 2021 to help combat weeds.  

“Going forward we have Xitavo which is the E3 line up and we will have several varieties available that will only enhance the opportunity to have complete weed control.”

Stapleton says getting a residual down should be the first priority before planting.