Dry conditions problematic for weed control


Dry conditions problematic for weed control

An agronomic service rep for Syngenta says a dry summer has been problematic for weed control.

Dean Grossnickle tells Brownfield waterhemp was hardened off because of harsh environmental conditions.

“And we really didn’t get the control or see the control of that weed that we were hoping for.”

He says farmers who overlap residual herbicides might be wondering why there are so many weeds in their soybean fields.

Grossnickle attributes that to an application early and an application late, with no protection in between.

“And what’s worse for like waterhemp? Waterhemp will be in that upper quarter to eighth of an inch of soil, so what will happen is you’ll get a tenth of an inch of rain, enough to germinate your waterhemp, (but) not enough to activate your overlapping residual. And that’s exactly what we saw happen this year.”

He says to get clean fields next year, farmers will probably have to increase pre-emergent herbicide rates to close that gap.