Allendale Producer Survey points to smaller yields


Allendale Producer Survey points to smaller yields

A brokerage analyst says their recent survey of crop producers shows corn and soybean yields might be lower than expected.

Rich Nelson is the chief strategist for Allendale. He says, “The yield numbers imply a moderate drop in supply here, but not anything drastic yet.”

Nelson says their corn yield projection for the nation is less than what USDA projected. “The official survey is 178.28 bushels per acre for yield. That is down slightly from the 181.83 USDA had been using.”

Nelson says in Iowa, their producers are looking at 185 bushels per acre of corn compared to USDA’s recent projection of 202 bushels, or about 227-million-bushel change, but he says they won’t really know until farmers get in the fields.

Nelson says since 1970, there have been thirteen years with a dry August, and nine of those years could be compared to 2020.  He says in six of those nine, the January yield numbers rebounded some after the harvest.