Growing season decisions can benefit farmers


Growing season decisions can benefit farmers

An agronomy leader with Beck’s says farmers could benefit from making in-season decisions rather than a “post-mortem” approach.

Jim Schwartz is the director of agronomy and practical farm research.

“When we think about making decisions we’ve been in what I consider post mortem agriculture where we get to the end of the year and we look at the decisions we made for fertility, for fungicide applications and we look at yield maps and say this decision worked and that decision didn’t work so let’s apply that to next year,” he says. “The problem is next year is completely different.”

Advice he has for growers is to learn and take advantage of technology.

“We need to be prepared for this by creating in our mind if-then scenarios,” he says. “So, if this happens, what do I do? Incorporate technologies and information into that and start making decisions in real-time.”

Brownfield spoke to Schwartz during Becknology Days.

Audio: Jim Schwartz