Missouri crops coming along


Missouri crops coming along

The USDA says slightly warmer and dryer than normal conditions last week allowed most crops to improve.   

Missouri’s corn crop is rated 77 percent good to excellent condition.    

Ninety-Seven percent of the crop has reached the dough stage.  Corn dented has reached 83 percent, more than 25 percent ahead of last year.  

Seventy-five percent of Missouri soybeans are rated good to excellent with nearly all of the crop blooming and 88 percent setting pods.  

Cotton is rated 50 percent good to excellent and squaring progressed to 95 percent with 80 percent setting bolls.   

Sixty-five percent of rice is in good to excellent condition and more than 90 percent of the crop has headed. 

Alfalfa hay’s third cutting is ahead of last year at 83 percent complete.