66% of U.S. soybeans, 62% of corn called good to excellent


66% of U.S. soybeans, 62% of corn called good to excellent

The national condition ratings for corn and soybeans declined over the past week, continuing to show the effects of drier than normal weather in some key U.S. growing areas.

The USDA says that as of Sunday, 62% of U.S. corn is rated good to excellent, 2% less than last week, with 94% of the crop at the dough making stage, compared to the five-year average of 89%, with 63% dented, compared to 56% on average, and 12% mature, compared to 12% on average.

66% of soybeans are called good to excellent, 3% lower, with 95% of beans at the pod setting stage, compared to the usual rate of 93%, and 8% dropping leaves, matching the normal pace.

69% of spring wheat is harvested, compared to 77% typically in late August.

44% of cotton is in good to excellent shape, a decline of 2%.

76% of rice is in good to excellent condition, unchanged, but with 1% moving from excellent to good, with 97% of the crop headed, compared to 99% on average, and 20% of the crop harvested, compared to the usual pace of 25%.

22% of U.S. pastures and rangelands are rated good to excellent, down 2%, with 32% called fair, and 46% in poor to very poor shape.