SC Nebraska agronomist says irrigated crops look ‘fantastic’


SC Nebraska agronomist says irrigated crops look ‘fantastic’

A seed company agronomist in south-central Nebraska says the irrigated crops in his area are looking very good.

“Our irrigated corn and our bean crop look fantastic,” says Blake Mumm with Golden Harvest. “I would say it looks as good as it’s looked in probably five years.”

Mumm says the non-irrigated crops are more variable, depending on how much rain they received. 

He says the hotter-than-normal temperatures of the past week might be affecting test weight on corn.

“We’re moving that corn crop along really fast and that corn milk line is coming down with the high temps. So we’re not getting near the grain fill, that kernel length.”

But Mumm thinks cooler nights—low- to mid-60’s—have helped limit the damage from hot daytime temps.

Mumm says, for the most part, he’s seeing good pod-fill on soybeans.  And he says cooler temperatures next week should be beneficial to the later-maturing beans.

AUDIO: Blake Mumm