SW Iowa farmer sees ‘dramatic’ crop changes


SW Iowa farmer sees ‘dramatic’ crop changes

A southwest Iowa farmer says crop conditions have changed “dramatically” over the past week.

Duane Aistrope of Randoph says the soybeans are his biggest concern.

“The early beans are really turning yellow, dropping leaves,” Aistrope says. “I’m a little concerned about pod-fill and bean size. Looking at them the other day and popping them open, there are just little bitty BB’s in there. Boy, a nice two-day, two-inch rain would be a godsend for all of us.”

Aistrope says his corn is “basically done”.

“We were set for a really good corn crop—and I still think we’re going to have a good crop. The ears are nice—nice-sized ears—if we just get the test weight to fill.”

Aistrope says it will be an early harvest.  He expects to be going by mid-September, at least two weeks ahead than normal.

AUDIO: Duane Aistrope