Corn approaching black layer in west central Illinois


Corn approaching black layer in west central Illinois

Photo Credit: University of Georgia Extension

An agronomist says some of the corn crop is approaching black layer in west central Illinois, so he expects harvest to begin in a couple of weeks.

Todd Steinacher is with AgriGold covering an area from St. Louis to the Quad Cities over to Decatur.

“In some of those areas, especially with earlier maturing hybrids, I would say in the next week or so we are going to be pretty darn close to black layer.”

He tells Brownfield most fields are starting to pull the milk line down and he is seeing a lot of firing coming up with the warm temperatures.

“I anticipate some of this back-end yield starting to be pulled out a little bit but considering what the crop has been through I am very happy with what I am seeing.”

Steinacher encourages farmers to enter harvest with an open mind and realistic yield expectations.  He says farmers should reach out to a certified crop advisor to see what they can learn from this year’s crop.

Interview with Todd Steinacher