Peoria ARS lab conducting hemp research


Peoria ARS lab conducting hemp research

The USDA Ag Research Service lab in Peoria, Illinois is taking on hemp research this year.

Director Todd Ward tells Brownfield Ag News they’re working to develop sampling methods in the field and in the lab to determine THC levels in hemp.

“What are the effects of the production environment, the hemp genetics, sampling time, anabiotic factors on THC production? And how can we use that knowledge to help farmers grow hemp and it’s going to meet the level requirements.”

And Ward says the lab is working to identify ways to use hemp materials…

“For production of oils, fuels, lubricants. Or, in the case of our functional foods research unit to identify oil, protein, fiber and other phytochemicals that could be used in foods, feeds and non-food biodegradable adhesives and fiber products.”

Ward says that research fits in with the lab’s long history of identifying new uses for crop commodities. Ward says the studies at the National Center for Agricultural Utilization are supported by the USDA and the Global Hemp Initiative.

Interview with Todd Ward