LCAN urges DGAC to include low-carb diet studies


LCAN urges DGAC to include low-carb diet studies

The Low Carb Action Network and the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association are among the groups asking the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee to include research into low-carb diets. Jessica Wharton with the network says the majority of Americans are either obese or have pre-diabetes or diabetes and studies show lower carbohydrate diets have a positive health benefit,

“If the dietary guidelines are not the place to confront the very real health consequences of chronic related diseases then where should it be done? Ignoring obesity and diabetes as irrelevant to the guidelines is a travesty for the American people. And this is being made worse as vulnerable people face COVID-19.”

Wharton, in her public testimony, said the committee ignored more than 60 rigorous studies that show the health-related benefits of low-carb diets and wants its members to go back to the table because their charter doesn’t expire until October 5th.  The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association is also urging committee members to review the low-carb studies.