Agronomist: yield potential for soybeans is high


Agronomist: yield potential for soybeans is high

A Purdue University agronomist says 2020 is shaping up to be a banner year for soybeans.

Shaun Casteel says late August and early September will be critical for soybean growth in the Midwest.

“To have this moderate temperature and good moisture there is going to be really good seed fill,” he says. “So, all those factors that go into bin-busting soybean yields are coming into play.”

He says if growers gain an extra day or two in R5 and R6 growth stages…“At the peak, we’re gaining upwards of three to four and a half bushels for each one of those days,” he says. “If we have moderate temperatures, good sunlight and moisture and we gain another day or two without having the stress, this top-end yield can keep growing.” 

Casteel spoke during a recent virtual Purdue panel.