Ag graduate battles COVID-19 hiring freeze


Ag graduate battles COVID-19 hiring freeze

A COVID-19 triggered hiring freeze has posed some unforeseeable challenges for recent agriculture graduates.

Referring to her 5 month job search, Illinois native Jill Parrent says, “To be brutally honest, it is emotionally exhausting, it is mentally exhausting and it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life.”

Parrent is a recent graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture Communications from Iowa State University. She tells Brownfield COVID-19 related economic impacts, work from home policies and event cancellations have created hiring uncertainties for many ag businesses.  

“Because of that they are really focusing on how they can improvise with what they have and how they can work without having to hire a new person for the job.”

Parrent says she understands the challenges those businesses are faced with and although it is frustrating, she has learned to adapt.

“Networking, even virtually networking, I have found to be of vital importance. Get on different applications such as LinkedIn, Indeed or Those are all places that I am able to meet people, meet companies and reach out to find out where people are hiring.”

She says finding her dream job might not happen under the circumstances, but she continues to search for a position that can sharpen her skill set and encourage growth.

Interview with Jill Parrent