Corteva launches Instinct NXTGEN nitrogen stabilizer


Corteva launches Instinct NXTGEN nitrogen stabilizer

Corteva Agriscience has launched its Instinct NXTGEN nitrogen stabilizer, calling it an enhanced formulation of Instinct nitrogen stabilizer with what the company says is improved handling and a lower use rate. The new product has EPA registration in the U.S., as well as label approvals in key states where it is available for purchase.

Instinct NXTGEN provides the same nitrogen protection as the previous formulations, but with added benefits, said Jeff Moon, market development specialist at Corteva.

“For the retailer it’s less product to handle, it’s less product to get onto that dry fertilizer blend if they happen to be using it with urea or other dry fertilizers; it has great mixing capabilities so it mixes well with tank mix partners like ATS and boron or Resicore, which is one of our herbicides,” Moon told Brownfield Ag News.

Specific improvements include lower viscosity for better overall handling during early spring applications and a lower use rate of 24 ounces per acre versus 37 ounces per acre for better blending when mixing with urea.

“We wanted to ease application stress with an improved formulation of Instinct nitrogen stabilizer, particularly for those customers who use urea,” said Danny Leckie, U.S. Product Manager, Nitrogen Stabilizers, Corteva Agriscience, quoted in a news release from Corteva. “The lower use rate of Instinct NXTGEN nitrogen stabilizer allows for simplified mixing with urea by preventing clumping, stickiness and clogged machinery.”

Instinct NXTGEN nitrogen stabilizer contains Optinyte technology, which assures up to eight weeks of unrivaled protection of urea, UAN and liquid manure during fall, spring and sidedress applications.

“Optinyte technology is proven to keep nitrogen in the root zone, where it can help maximize crop yield potential and ROI for farmers while protecting the environment,” said Moon. “These benefits are backed up by more than 1,000 field trials and university studies for over 45 years.”

Upcoming orders for Corteva’s Instinct nitrogen stabilizer will be filled with the new formulation going forward. Growers can learn more about Instinct NXTGEN nitrogen stabilizer at

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