Post-COVID changes to the food supply chain


Post-COVID changes to the food supply chain

A Colorado State economist says a shift towards local supply chains following COVID-19 could benefit agriculture.

Stephan Weiler tells Brownfield domestic processing of products like meat and barley will likely increase.

“Processing is going to go on much more in the United States than it did previously,” he said. “I think it benefits the American consumer and the American farmer.”

Weiler says the change would increase domestic demand of U.S. grains and bring jobs to the U.S. that have been going to countries like Mexico and China.

He said the pandemic has allowed businesses like small meat processors to grow because of grants from the USDA and Community Supported Agriculture.

“Community Supported Agriculture, CSAs, that kind of model can be used on a much broader scale,” he said.

Weiler said consumers will likely be more willing to buy domestic products following the pandemic.

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