Egg producer discusses expanding operations in a pandemic


Egg producer discusses expanding operations in a pandemic

After finalizing the purchase of a Texas farm remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, Indiana-based MPS Egg Farms was able to have its first in-person meeting.  

Sam Krouse is the vice president of business development.

“We finally have one of our first teams from the Midwest in Texas to be able to get on site after the acquisition, spend some time with those farms, and get to merge our cultures,” he says.

With the purchase of Feather Crest Farms, MPS Egg Farms now has 11 million hens and more than 600 employees.

Krouse says the acquisition has gone smoothly despite the pandemic.

“We were able to complete the due diligence and those things virtually but the important pieces of getting our eyes on the farm and really getting to know the people we have been able to do before now,” he says. “So, we’re excited for that team to be down there.”

MPS Egg Farms, the eighth largest egg producer in the country, is a family business that has been in operation for more than 50 years. The family has roots that go back to 1875 in North Manchester, Indiana.

Audio: Sam Krouse