Nutrien Ag solutions acquires AGBRIDGE


Nutrien Ag solutions acquires AGBRIDGE

Nutrien Ag Solutions has acquired AGBRIDGE, a wireless data transport that can transfer precision agriculture data between equipment and growers and advisors.  

Sol Goldfarb is vice president of digital strategy.

“It’s one of the few solutions out there that can work with a wide variety of farming equipment regardless of the manufacturer so we get great flexibility with the AGBRIDGE hardware device,” he says.

He tells Brownfield the new digital tool will benefit growers.

“As we do more work with our growers, the data that we will have can correlate between what went on the field and the outcome a farmer obtained, and we can provide better advice to our grower customers over time,” he says.

It will also allow growers to make real-time recommendations and decisions during the growing season.

Goldfarb says Nutrien Ag Solutions understands the value and appreciates the strong relationship of trust between growers and advisors and the digital tools are meant to enhance these existing relationships.

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Audio: Sol Goldfarb